Add Business Listings tool

Add Business Listings employs the use of a dialog box where you can search for business listings using a business name. Results can be adjusted and refined prior to displaying locations on the map.

  1. Type the business name in the Search text box.
  2. You can choose an area of extent for the search. Use the Within drop-down menu.
  3. You can click Multiple Locations to search multiple areas.
  4. Click Switch to classic view to return to the business search using SIC, NAICS, annual sales, employee count, etc.
    Add business listings
  5. Click Go.
    Add business listings filter

    After you click Go, search results appear in the Add Business Listings dialog box where you can filter, remove and restore records.

  6. In the Keywords section, you can check the Exact Match check box to ensure that only the text you search for is returned. For example, if you type Johnson's Supermarket, then Johnson's Supermarket & Pharmacy will not be returned. Checking the Company Name Only check box ensures that the search is limited to the company name field. This will refine your search results and return potential matches quickly.

    In the Preview section, you can uncheck search criteria and the results are adjusted. Right-click in the Search Results section and a pop-up appears for you to select, remove and restore businesses.

  7. Click Finish to create a map layer of points.

    Search results are saved to \My Output Data\Projects\<active project>\Custom Data.