Trade area tools


Trade area tools allow you to further investigate and analyze your existing trade areas. Here is a list of the trade area tools with a brief description.

Append Data (Spatial Overlay)

The Append Data tool allows you to extract data from one layer, such as block groups, and add it to an overlay layer, such as a trade area that you have created in Esri Business Analyst.

Trade Area Penetration

The Trade Area Penetration tool calculates the penetration for each trade area. A Trade Area Penetration report is based on the number of customers within a trade area compared to a base value, such as total households.

Find Component Geographies (Subgeography)

Component geographies are boundaries selected within larger boundaries. For example, block groups inside a drive-time boundary.

Measure Cannibalization

The Measure Cannibalization tool calculates the amount of overlap between two or more trade areas.

Remove Overlapping

The Remove Overlapping tool provides several methods to remove overlap between two or more trade areas, such as the Thiessen polygon approach and grids (unweighted and weighted).

Track Trade Area Change

The Track Trade Area Change tool is used primarily to track trade area change over time. It can also be used to compare any two overlapping trade areas.