Summarize Points


The Summarize Points report allows you to quickly total the number of business locations within a given area and summarize site-specific values for your trade area or any other polygon layer such as sales volume, total employees, or number of transactions. The tool summarizes points within a polygon. For example, you can run this report to calculate how many customers are within each ZIP Code.

Summarize Points determines the total amount of points (customers, competitors or businesses) and sums up volumetric attributes tied to each location (often an amount spent). The map output is shaded thematically on the map. In the image below, a point indicates $3.27 was spent by this customer. The total expenditures of all customers is summarized as a total for each boundary. The six points found in the outlined boundary indicate that these six customers spent a total of $101.39 in this ZIP Code boundary as shown by the arrow.

Summarize Points

Input Prerequisites

Point data and a boundary layer are required to adequately generate a Summarize Points output.


You can use the output of the Summarize Points tool as the input for the Custom Data Setup wizard to generate your own Business Analyst data source (BDS). If you summarize your data to one of Esri's standard levels of geography, such as block groups, you can combine your data and Esri data in the new BDS layer for reporting or appending data.

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