Dataset tab

Use the Dataset tab to select the current dataset, view data component locations, set the geocoding service, and choose the street network you want to use.

The Dataset tab is used to set locations for major data components that come with the product—that is, Esri demographic data, Infogroup business listings, street data, and so on—as well as your preferences for address locator (geocoder). In most cases, you will be using the USA Geocoding Service provided with Business Analyst.

Dataset tab

Current Dataset

Use the Select current dataset drop-down menu to select the current dataset. The active dataset is always shown. The USA (ESRI) dataset contains each of the data components, locators and street networks.


If you have Business Analyst for Canada installed, you can select the Canadian dataset here.

Data Component Locations

The Business Analyst source data is listed here. You can change the data sources by double-clicking on any element to navigate to another location.

Address locators

If the ZIP+4 geocoding data is installed, you can change the geocoding service in the Choose an address locator drop-down menu. Navigate to \ArcGIS\Business Analyst\US\Data\USA Geocoding Service\ and select USA Geocoding Service4. This activates the ZIP+4 locator in the wizards.

Streets Network

Your routing service is set by default to \ArcGIS\Business Analyst\US\Data\StreetMapData\ You can change this to another custom routing service using the Streets Network drop-down menu.