The Business Analyst Window Tools section is a convenient location for common functions to allow you to work with the map. Also, the toolbars that are bundled with Business Analyst are available as shortcuts. For example, you can open Color-Coded Maps and Territory Design direction from Tools.

Tools section

  • Effects: Choose a layer and drag it across the map to see underlying layers.
  • Layer Transparency: Choose a layer and adjust the transparency display.
  • Print Map: Send your current map view to a printer.
  • Copy Map To Clipboard: Add your current map view to the clipboard for use in other applications.
  • Toolbars: A shortcut section for the common Business Analyst toolbars, such as Business Analyst, Territory Design, Color-Coded Maps, and Address Coder.

The Swipe and Adjust Transparency commands are also found on the ArcGIS Effects toolbar. They are also housed in the Business Analyst Window Tools section for added convenience.


You can also click Customize > Toolbars to add toolbars to ArcMap.