Running reports for multiple layers

The Run Report For Multiple Layers tool allows you to run a report for two separate boundary layers at once. You can run a simple ring layer and a drive-time layer at the same time.

  1. From the Business Analyst drop-down menu, click Reports, choose Run reports, choose Run Summary/Demographics Reports, then click Next.

    Business Analyst trade areas appear in the left pane.

  2. Click the right arrows to add one or more trade areas.
  3. Click the plus button to add other polygons. You must complete the ID and summarizations setup options if you add trade areas that are not from Business Analyst.
  4. Choose the summary reports you want to create and click Next.
  5. You have the following report presentation options to choose from:

    • Create individual reports
    • Stitch reports by trade area
    • Stitch reports together by report type
    • Create single report file

  6. Choose all or one of the options for viewing the final report:

    • The View reports on screen option opens the report for viewing when it is finished.
    • Export report to file exports the report to the desired output from the Options button.
    • Print reports sends the report to the desired printer.
    • Create single report file combines multiple reports for the same analysis into a single report.

    You can also choose to insert a map image if the report supports this option and add the report data back to an analysis layer.

    Click Defer this task to the Batch Queue to save this analysis to run at a later time, and give it a batch name.

  7. Click Finish.