Identify Business tool

The Identify Business tool allows you to click on the map to view information, such as the address, telephone number, sales volume, and employee range, for an individual business. NAICS and SIC code information also appears. Note that the Identify Business tool is inactive until you add a business layer to your map.

Learn more about adding business listing layers.

Once your business layer is added to the map, the Identify Business tool becomes active. To use this tool, do the following:

  1. Click Identify Business on the Business Analyst toolbar.
  2. Move your mouse pointer over the map and double-click in the area in which the business is located.

    The Select Business dialog box opens.

  3. Choose a business from the list and click OK.
  4. A new dialog box opens to display the business information.

    The Identify Business tool works differently than the standard ArcGIS Identify tool. By using the Identify Business tool, you can click any business point to view more detailed information such as address and phone number. These fields are hidden in the Infogroup attribute table. The Identify Business tool allows you to view only one business at a time. The LOCNUM field in the attribute table represents a unique ID for each business. This can be used to acquire more information from Infogroup if you want to create mailing lists.