About Segmentation Study

A segmentation study booklet uses your customer layers and customer profiles to create a comprehensive booklet that strings together a series of reports, maps, and charts with descriptive text that walks you through a thorough segmentation analysis.

The segmentation study booklet will help you answer basic questions about your customers and provide specific information that you should include in your business plans. Some of these fundamental marketing questions are Who are my target customers? Where do they live? What products and services would they buy? and What are the most effective strategies to build my customer base? Armed with this basic foundation, you can develop a variety of marketing and site selection tactics to meet your business objectives.

Create a new study

When creating a segmentation study, start by setting your study extent and adding any customer layers to your Business Analysis project window. You will also need to create all target and base profiles you want to use in your segmentation study.

Business Analyst also gives you the flexibility to add and delete reports to create your own custom segmentation study or create a custom segmentation study starting with a blank template.

View an existing study

Before using this option, make sure any customer layers used in the study are added to your Business Analyst display. Use this option to view a segmentation study that you have previously created. Select an existing study from the drop-down menu of existing studies and click Finish.

Manage an existing study

Use this option to modify, open, print, delete, or rename/edit comments for an existing segmentation study.

Delete or rename segmentation study templates

Use this option to delete or rename a custom segmentation study template.