Business Analyst Window


The Business Analyst window is a dockable workspace that contains some of the essential Business Analyst functions. For example, this window can be docked to the side of the application's window and either pinned open or allowed to retract to an Image Analysis tab along the side of the application window. The window can be accessed from the Business Analyst menu.

The Business Analyst window sections are as follows:


  • The Project Explorer—Organize and retrieve your work.
  • Smart Map Search—Find suitable areas that match criteria.
  • Batch Tasks—Execute your work in a grouped manner.


  • Effects—Choose a layer and drag it across the map to see underlying layers.
  • Layer Transparency—Choose a layer and adjust the transparency display.
  • Print Map—Send your current map view to a printer.
  • Copy Map To Clipboard—Add your current map view to the clipboard for use in other applications.
  • Toolbars—A shortcut for the commonly used Business Analyst toolbars such as Business Analyst, Territory Design, Color-Coded Maps, Address Coder, and so forth.
Business Analyst window


  • A customizable collection of Business Analyst shortcuts to open commonly used commands