Online tab

Use the Online tab to log in with your online credentials and choose to access online reports and data. You can also set a proxy server for certain online settings, such as the Bing search.

In the BAO Credentials section, enter your Business Analyst Online login and password to access online data and reports.

In the Online Access section, when the Show Online Reports and Show Online Data check boxes are checked, these are active throughout Business Analyst. You can use the online data in features like Data Append and the Color Coded-Maps toolbar. Online reports are available through the Demographic/Summary reports. All data is stored remotely and executed through the Business Analyst Online API.

The Default Online Data Hierarchy section allows you to isolate and work with different demographic dataset hierarchies, such as USA, Canada, and Census 2010 boundaries. You can select the different hierarchies from the drop-down menu. Once these are selected, the associated data will be available in features throughout the software, such as color-coded maps, reports, and data appends.

Online tab