Create geographic profile


A Geographic Profile is a summarization of households or adults in a specific geographic area summarized across all segments. The area can be a standard level of geography such as: ZIP Code, Core-Based Statistical Area (CBSA), Designated Market Area (DMA), state, county, tract, or block group, or a custom-defined area such as a ring, drive time, polygon, or other trade area type. In most cases, you create a geographic profile to use as the base when analyzing your profile.

Input prerequisites

A trade area must first be created and added to the map's table of contents to create a Geographic Profile.

Example output

The Profiles dialog box shows the count, percent, total volume, and average volumetric of summarized data by segment. You can click the field headings to sort by that field. Click the heading again to toggle between ascending and descending order.

Profiles dialog box

If your trade area is made up of several different features (for example, all ZIP Codes in San Diego County), you can check the Create profile for separate area check box to view a profile for each feature. If you don't check this box, you will get one profile that summarizes segments in all features.

Create profile for separate area

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