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A survey profile is a summarization of households or adults in a specific consumer survey category summarized across all segments. The source of this survey data is GfK MRI (Mediamark Research & Intelligence, LLC). GfK MRI conducts a survey that measures the demand for various products and services. Because GfK MRI and Esri can identify each survey respondent by Tapestry segment, you can create a profile of the customers who purchase or use the various products and services on the GfK MRI survey. These GfK MRI profiles can be used as surrogates for your own customer data in cases where customer address information is not available. Additionally, they can be used to compare a nationally weighted profile to your customer profile to identify segments where you are performing better or worse compared to the national survey data.

Input Prerequisites


Example Output

The Profiles dialog box shows you the count, percent, total volume, and average volumetric of summarized data by segment. You can click the field headings to sort by that field. Click the heading again to toggle between ascending and descending order.

Profiles dialog box

The GfK MRI survey data provided in Business Analyst is based on households or adults (population age 18 and up). Survey data for the population under age 18 is not available in Business Analyst.

Depending on the survey question asked, the survey data from GfK MRI can represent a household or an adult. An example of a household-based survey question involves the purchase of a refrigerator. Because a large appliance purchase, such as a refrigerator, is typically purchased for the household, this is considered a household-based survey question. A survey question that asks how many pairs of athletic shoes were purchased in the last 12 months is an adult-based survey question because the shoes are typically used for one person and are not used by the household.

In the Profiles dialog box below, (H) is an abbreviation for households and (A) is an abbreviation for adults.

Survey Profiles

While neither base type is better or worse, it is important to be consistent in your analysis and make sure that all profiles are either household or adult based.


By right-clicking inside the selection window, you can change the sort order of the profiles, collapse all the items so that only the category is displayed, unselect all selected profiles, or set the display options. With the display options, you can choose to display the product code or the profile base letter and whether the sort method is based on the product code or profile description.