Print maps

The Map Layout report allows you to easily export the area of the map that you are zoomed to into a predefined report template. Another option is to export the map directly from ArcGIS using File > Export Map, but the formatting of the Map Layout report is consistent with the other reports available in Business Analyst. You can choose between creating a map of the current extent or creating a series of maps.

Data view versus layout view

Switching from Data View to Layout View

Below are visual examples of the outputs for map layout reports using the data view and layout view.

Data View
Layout View

Example of a map series

This example shows the Map Layout report using the Create Series of Maps option. You can start with a trade area layer that includes several polygons and convert them to reports or images (JPEG, BMP). In this example, multiple drive-time trade areas are exported to image files. A separate file is created for each trade area ID.

Map Series