Segmentation tab

The Segmentation tab allows you to control settings for the Segmentation module add-on for Business Analyst.

Segmentation tab
  1. Click the Segmentation Data Layer drop-down menu to choose the demographic geography layer you want to use in segmentation analyses. This is where you set your data layer. The default of block groups are at the most granular level because they represent a neighborhood size. However, you can choose to target larger boundaries such as ZIP Codes.
  2. In the Segmentation Geographic Profile Method section, choose the method you want to use in your analysis. This assigns how the level of detail that segments are assigned.
  3. In Segmentation Settings section, choose whether or not to use the unclassified segment.

    There are 65 Tapestry lifestyle segments. There is also a 66th segment called Unclassified. This segment includes unpopulated areas such as parks and juvenile detention centers. This segment is turned off by default but you can add it to your analysis.

  4. Choose how the Segmentation bar chart widths are scaled.
  5. Click OK.