General tab

Use the General tab to view and edit customer and store references, set the output data folder location to place the data you create, define distance units, and determine the appearance of the Quick Start tutorial when starting the program.

General tab

Customer and store references

You can change how stores and customers are referenced. For example, you can use banks and clients, hospitals and patients, or preschools and children—whatever fits your line of work. Once changed in Preferences, the modified names appear throughout the wizards and on the Business Analyst menu after you restart ArcMap.

Output folder

This is the path were your work and output are saved in a project-based file structure. You can change the default location of the output.

Click the Save current Business Analyst project to map document (MXD) check box to save your current project to the MXD. The next time a saved MXD is opened, the active project appears. As an example, this allows you to open three different MXDs with three different Business Analyst projects saved to them and each MXD will open the appropriate project assigned to it.

Distances units

You can select the default distance unit for every analysis. You can choose from miles, kilometers, meters, etc.


You can check the current version, or build number. If a Business Analyst service pack is applied, the build number will be updated.