Manage existing modeling analysis

You can use the Manage existing modeling analysis tool to view, modify, delete, and rename existing modeling analysis. For example, if you have previously created a Huff model, you can use this tool to rename the output layer. You can also modify the parameters for a model and rerun the analysis.

  1. Click the Business Analyst drop-down menu and click Sales Potential Modeling.

    The Sales Potential Modeling wizard opens.

  2. Click Manage Existing Modeling Analysis and click Next.
  3. Click the modeling analysis you want to use.
    • Click View Modeling Analysis to add the model layer to the map.
    • Click Modify Modeling Analysis to step through the wizard.
    • Click Delete Modeling Analysis or Rename or Edit Comments to perform other management tasks.

Using the different managing views, you can view the modeling analyses you are managing using Show All and Hide All. Clicking Show All will display modeling analyses grouped by individual projects in a tree view. Clicking Hide All will display all modeling analyses for the active project only.