Managing existing store layers

Business Analyst allows you to manage store layers you have created. This allows you to perform the following operations on any of your previously created store layers:

  1. Click the Business Analyst drop-down menu and click Store Setup.

    The Store Setup wizard opens.

  2. Click Manage Existing Store Layer(s).
  3. Click Open Store Layer(s), Modify Store Layer, Delete Store Layer(s), Rename or Edit Comments, Review Geocoding, or Assign Logo, or Delete Selected.
  4. This step depends on which option you clicked in step 3.
    • If you click Open Store Layer(s), click the layer you want to open and click Finish. The layer opens.
    • For all the other options, make your selections and continue through the Store Setup wizard.

Using the different managing views, you can view the stores you are managing using Show All and Hide All. Clicking Show All displays stores grouped by individual projects in a tree view. Clicking Hide All displays all stores for the active project only.