Add Business Listings tool (Classic)

Business Analyst provides access to the Infogroup database of approximately 12,000,000 U.S. businesses. If you have Business Analyst for Canada, over 1,000,000 Canadian businesses are available. The database can be used to identify customers or competitors and includes data by industry, company name, location, sales volume, and employees.

  1. Click the Business Analyst toolbar, click Data, then click Add Business Listings.

    The Add Business Listings dialog box appears.

  2. Define the business you want to search.
  3. Type a name in the text box in the far right corner.
  4. For the Type of Business (SIC) field, click Select.

    The Select Business Name dialog box opens.

  5. Type the business name and click Add. When you are finished adding business names, click OK.

    You can further limit the search by using the Business Name, Size of Business (Sales/Employee), or Corporate Information (Type of Site/Franchise) options. The more categories you use, the narrower your search will be.

  6. For the Location field, click Select.

    The Select Location dialog box opens.

  7. Click Select geographic search criteria and type the state abbreviation and city in the State Abbr and City text boxes. If you know the ZIP Code, type it in the ZIP Code text box.

    When you start to type the state abbreviation and city in the text boxes, the state and city lists jump to the letters you enter.

  8. Click OK.

    You are returned to the main Add Business Listings dialog box.

  9. To select the Type of Business (SIC), click Select and the Business Type dialog box opens.

    In the Key Words text box, type hardware. The Code and Description lists jump to the code and descriptions that match what you entered. Click 5251 HARDWARE STORES. You can also type the SIC code in the SIC Codes text box. Click OK.

  10. Click Finish.
  11. Your selections appear on the map and are added to your table of contents as the business layer. Once your business layer is added to the map, click Identify Business on the Business Analyst toolbar. Click the business point on the map to show address, telephone number, sales volume, and employee range for that individual business.