Managing existing study areas

You can use the Create Study Area wizard to open a study area you've already created. If you saved the map document that the study area is in before exiting ArcGIS, the study area map will remain as you left it.

If you didn't, any customer, store, or analysis layers in your study area won't be visible. You can add them to the map by opening them from their respective wizards. If you made any changes using Preferences or the Thematic Mapping wizard, you'll also need to reset those if you didn't save the map document.

  1. Click the Business Analyst drop-down menu and click Study Area.
  2. Click Manage Existing Study Areas and click Next.
  3. Choose one or more study areas from the Study Areas section and choose one of the following actions: Open Study Area(s), Modify Study Area, Delete Study Area(s), or Rename or Edit Comments.
  4. Click Finish.

You can view the study areas you are managing using Show All and Hide All. Clicking Show All displays study areas grouped by individual projects in a tree view. Clicking Hide All displays all study areas for the active project only.