Using the Catalog Window with Business Analyst

Business Analyst provides a special view in Catalog to help organize your work and manage your Business Analyst data and analyses. The Business Analyst Repository section contains your projects as well as any other contents specific to Business Analyst, such as report templates and BDS. layers.

Catalog view
  1. The Location drop-down menu provides a Home view that shows the location of your active MXD.
  2. You can add the Business Analyst specific layer files to any MXD. This enables functions in Business Analyst. In the image above, Business Analyst - Business Reference Layers and Business Analyst - Map Layers is an example.
  3. The Business Analyst Repository section in the Catalog provides data management and visualization specific to your Business Analyst projects and data layers. The default and custom BDS layers are in the Business Analyst Datasource Layers and can be dragged and dropped into the map.
  4. Each project view contains the corresponding layers, reports and analyses with a structure similar to the Project Explorer.
  5. You can expand an analysis section to view the underlying layer files. As shown in the image above, Trade Areas is expanded as an example.
  6. You can also manage your reports and templates with the Report Templates, Segmentation Studies Custom Templates and Template patterns folders.
  7. Right-click on a project or layer to access different data management options including moving layers between projects, exporting projects or renaming layers and so on. You can upload or download projects to and from Business Analyst Server.

Right-click a trade area and click Create Report. This instantly creates a report directly from the Project Explorer.

By clicking the View Manager icon from within the Project Explorer dialog box, you can further organize your analyses and data. To use this dialog box, check the analyses and data items, from within the project window, that you want to save. Click New and name your subset; the name of your subset appears in the dialog box. Your selections have been saved. You can automatically select these items in the future by activating the View Manager, highlighting the subset you want to load, then clicking Select.