What is Esri Business Analyst?

Esri Business Analyst has three key purposes. First, it enables detailed, justifiable recommendations on where to locate, remodel, expand, or consolidate a business. Second, through the use of customer profiling and market analysis, it can help you determine the best areas to find new customers and tune marketing messages to individual market segments. Third, it enables sales and operational teams to maximize efficiency by automatically balancing and optimizing their territories.

Through the use of powerful geospatial analysis tools and workflows, Business Analyst Desktop allows you to perform detailed analyses of customers and sales in combination with a wealth of up-to-date demographic, consumer spending, market segmentation, and business data provided by Esri. The end result is a set of maps and comprehensive reports that are used to support and recommend business decisions.

With Business Analyst, you can take advantage of the following features:

Business Analyst is an extension built for use with ArcGIS and can be used with ArcView, ArcEditor, or ArcInfo. These components are included in the Business Analyst package: