Setting the ArcScan raster snapping options

  1. Click the Raster Snapping Options button Edit Raster Snapping Options on the ArcScan toolbar.
  2. Set the options as desired.
    • Switch the foreground and background color graphics. ArcMap automatically determines the foreground color by comparing the number of pixels in each symbol. The symbol with fewer pixels is designated as the foreground color.
    • Enter a value for the maximum raster line width. You can use the Raster Line Width tool to determine the line width for a series of connected cells.
    • Enter a value for the minimum or maximum solid diameter. You can use the Solid Diameter tool to determine the diameter for raster solids. This tool can be added via the ArcScan commands available in the Customize dialog box.
    • Enter a value for the hole size that you want to ignore during tracing. You can use the raster cleanup tools to fill in holes prior to vectorization.
  3. Click OK.

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Published 6/8/2010