Saving raster cleanup edits

You can save your raster edits anytime during the raster cleanup session or when you stop the cleanup session. When you use the Save command, edits are written to the target raster layer.

When you use the Save As command, the edits, along with the entire raster, are written to a new raster file. This option is recommended if you do not want to modify the original raster layer.

  1. Click the Raster Cleanup menu on the ArcScan toolbar and click Start Cleanup.
  2. Choose whether to save the edits to the original file or to a new raster file.
    • Click Save to save them to the original file.
    • Click Save As to save them to a new raster. Choose a raster format, navigate to the folder in which you want to save the raster, type a file name, then click Save.

Published 6/8/2010