Starting a raster cleanup session

To edit your raster layer, you must first start editing in ArcMap and meet all the requirements for using ArcScan such as having a vector layer and having a raster layer symbolized in two colors. You can then start a raster cleanup session. Once the cleanup session is started, the Raster Cleanup menu commands are available.

The Raster Painting toolbar, which is opened from the Raster Cleanup menu, provides tools that allow you to interactively perform simple edits in your raster layer. Functions such as brush, fill, draw, and erase, which are common in many drawing programs, are available on the Raster Painting toolbar. Additional tools that are specific to ArcScan, such as background and foreground color toggle and the Magic Erase tool, are also available.


Rasters in ArcSDE cannot be edited with the Raster Cleanup tools. If you need to edit an ArcSDE raster, you should save it to an editable raster format.

  1. Click the Raster Cleanup menu on the ArcScan toolbar and click Start Cleanup.
  2. Use the commands on the Raster Cleanup menu and Raster Painting toolbar to make edits to the raster.

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Published 6/8/2010