Selecting connected cells using an expression query

You can select cells by using an expression query in the Select Connected Cells dialog box. This tool offers a more precise way to select cells by allowing you to enter specific information about the raster data to use as selection criteria.

Cells can be selected by their pixel area or the diagonal of their envelope based on a value you enter. You can select cells from the foreground or background and use operators for the query. You can also choose how the selection results will affect the raster (for example, create, add to, remove from).

Use small cell area values to locate holes in the raster lines. Once selected, you can use the Fill Selected Cells command to improve the quality of the lines.
  1. Click the Cell Selection menu on the ArcScan toolbar.
  2. Click Select Connected Cells.
  3. The Select Connected Cells dialog box appears.

  4. Choose a connected cell selection type.
  5. Choose where to search for connected cells.
  6. Choose the operator to use for the query.
  7. Enter the total area or diagonal length in pixels to use for the query.
  8. Choose how the result will affect the current raster.
  9. Check the option if you want to select only from the current extent to constrain the cell selection to the current map display.
  10. Click OK.

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Published 6/8/2010