Setting the raster line width for vectorization

You can find the width of any raster linear element using the Raster Line Width tool. This tool allows you to display the width of raster lines so you can determine an appropriate maximum line width value setting. This tool is applicable for both raster tracing and automatic vectorization.

  1. Click the Raster Line Width tool Raster Line Width on the ArcScan toolbar.
  2. Position the pointer over a series of connected raster cells that represent a line element.
    • If you rest the pointer, the raster line width is displayed in a MapTip as pixels.
    • If you click, you can set the maximum line width. If the raster line width value is acceptable, press ENTER; otherwise, enter a new value and press ENTER. This sets the maximum line width value on the Vectorization Settings dialog box.

Published 6/8/2010