Setting the maximum number of polygon vertices created during vectorization

The ArcScan Advanced Options dialog box allows you to specify the maximum number of vertices that will be used to construct polygon features during automatic vectorization.

By default, this setting is enabled and uses a value of 100000 for the maximum number of vertices a polygon feature can have. This value can be changed by manually entering a smaller or larger value depending on the input raster data. If this value is exceeded during vectorization, ArcScan will generate line features in place of polygon features.

You can disable the Maximum Number of Vertices in a Polygon setting, but vectorization performance may be adversely affected. It is recommended that this setting remain enabled for optimal vectorization and ArcMap performance.
  1. Click the Vectorization menu on the ArcScan toolbar.
  2. Click Options.
  3. Click Advanced.
  4. Enter a new value for the maximum number of vertices in a polygon.
  5. Click OK on all dialog boxes.

Published 6/8/2010