Filtering data when streaming

You can have GPS positions saved automatically to a log file when using the ArcMap GPS toolbar. Depending on your workflow, you may get redundant or too many features. Use one or more of these filtering options to reduce the number of positions stored in a log file.

  1. Click GPS > Log Setup on the ArcMap GPS toolbar.
  2. In the Streaming options section, click the filters you want to use and update their values.
    • Sampling rate is time based. The default is to log a position every second.
    • The unit of Minimum sampling distance between points is set on the Display Options dialog box.
    • Minimum deflection angle is the value for the absolute difference between the direction of the new position and the direction of the previous position. The direction is the azimuth from north as calculated between two positions. A new position is stored if the change in direction is greater than the minimum deflection angle.
  3. Click OK.

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Published 6/7/2010