Showing a trail with points

  1. Click the GPS menu on the ArcMap GPS toolbar and click Display Options.
  2. Click the Trails tab.
  3. Check the Show trail as points check box.
  4. Click the symbol button if you want to change the symbology.
  5. Type the number of points you want in the trail.
  6. Type the distance between points.
  7. Click the small button to the right of the Color ramp list and click Properties to set the color ramp to a single color. In the Colors section, click Color 1. Change its color if necessary.
  8. To change back to a color ramp, click Color 2 and update the two colors.

  9. Click OK to close this dialog box and apply the changes.
  10. Click OK.
The unit of measure is set by the display unit of measure in the data frame. To change the unit of measure for the data frame, right-click Layers in the ArcMap table of contents and click Properties. Click the General tab. Change the Map units value, if it is set to Unknown Units, and update Display units. Click OK when finished.

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Published 6/7/2010