Creating an ArcReader template

ArcReader templates can be created and customized using the ArcReader Configuration tool. This tool can be used by anyone with an ArcGIS Publisher license.

  1. Browse to your ArcGIS installation folder, ArcGIS\bin, and double-click ArConfig.exe to open the ArcReader Configuration dialog box.
  2. Click New, browse to the desired folder, type a name for the new template file, then click Save.
  3. Choose the desired settings on the ArcReader Configuration properties dialog box and click OK. A new template file is created with the chosen settings in the desired folder.
    ArcReader Configuration dialog
  1. To start ArcReader with ESRI default settings, delete \Application Data\ESRI\ArcReader\Templates\ If a template file is not present, ArcReader will start with the ESRI default settings. When you exit ArcReader, a new file will be created.
  2. You can have multiple template (.art) files and specify a template file to use with ArcReader. The ArcReader command accepts command line arguments. Start ArcReader at the command prompt or modify the ArcReader shortcut to include the specific template file. See the next subsection for more information.

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