Using Publisher settings

Publishing a map allows it to be used in ArcReader. By default, what you see in ArcMap or ArcGlobe is what you will see in ArcReader. However, there are some options available that allow you to control how the published map will be viewed and used in ArcReader. With Publisher, you can restrict the view to a specific data frame for two-dimensional data, limit the use of some commands, or even specify a password to protect the map. The settings are designed to give the map author control over how the map is viewed and how the data is explored.

  1. Open a map document in ArcMap.
  2. Click the Publish Map button Publish Map button.
  3. Alternatively, click the Publisher menu, then click Publish Map.

  4. Navigate to the desired output location for your published map and click Save.
  5. A published map is created that looks the same in ArcReader as it does in ArcMap.

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