Publisher Map Title

The Publisher Map Title is a single text element that allows the ArcReader user to incorporate a map title when printing or exporting. Enabling the Publisher Map Title can only be done by the map author when publishing. Properties such as location, font type, and font size are determined by the map author. The Publisher Map Title setting can be accessed through the Publisher drop-down menu and is only available when in layout view. There is a maximum of one map title per map.

In ArcReader, the user can change the map title in several ways. In layout view, the Change Map Title icon is on the Layout toolbar on the Tools > Layout menu. If the user does not specify a title through either of the two previously mentioned methods, the user will be prompted to enter text for the Publisher Map Title output when printing or exporting the map. The typed-in text is only valid for the current ArcReader session. Edits made by the ArcReader user to the Publisher Map Title are not saved.


The ArcReader user will be able to change the text only, not the size, placement, or any other formatting you have applied to the map title.

  1. Click Publisher and click Publisher Map Title.
  2. The title will default to the name of your map document.

  3. Right-click the map title and click Properties. Alternatively, you can double-click the map title to open the Properties dialog box.
  4. Specify the text, size, and position of the map title for the published map.
  5. Click OK and publish your map.

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