Combining annotation feature classes

You combine annotation feature classes with the Append Annotation Feature Classes tool. When you combine annotation feature classes, the annotation from each feature class becomes an annotation class in the new annotation feature class.

  1. In the Catalog tree, click the plus signs to expand Toolboxes > System Toolboxes > Data Management Tools > Feature Class.
  2. Double-click the Append Annotation Feature Classes tool.
  3. For Input features, navigate to the feature classes you want to combine and add them to the list.
  4. For the Output feature class, navigate to the location of the new annotation feature class and specify its name.
  5. To change the default Reference Scale (provided), type a new one or choose one from the drop-down list. Choose the reference scale carefully, because you can't change it later.
  6. For the Require symbol to be selected from the symbol table option, see Annotation feature class editing properties.
  7. Skip the next step if you're combining standard annotation feature classes.
  8. See Annotation feature class editing properties for the Create annotation when new features are added and Update annotation when feature's shape is modified options.
  9. Click Environments.
  10. Expand Geodatabase Settings.
  11. If you’re importing into a file or ArcSDE geodatabase and want to create the feature class using a custom storage keyword, type the keyword.
  12. For Output Spatial Grid 1, if you're importing into a personal or ArcSDE geodatabase and you know an optimal spatial index grid size for your data, specify it in map units.
  13. If you’re importing into an ArcSDE geodatabase and have additional grid sizes, type them in.
  14. Click OK.
  15. Click OK on the Append Annotation Feature Classes tool.
If you're combining feature-linked annotation feature classes, they must all be linked to the same feature class.
You cannot combine a feature-linked annotation feature class that uses the standard label engine with one that uses the Maplex Label Engine. All input feature-linked annotation feature classes must use the same label engine.

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