About importing SDE 3 or PC ARC/INFO coverage annotation


ArcInfo or ArcEditor is required to import into a feature-linked annotation feature class.

You can import an SDE 3 or PC ARC/INFO coverage annotation feature class into an existing standard or feature-linked geodatabase annotation feature class.

The annotation feature class into which you import can be empty or already contain annotation. Since these formats are symbolized similarly to coverage annotation in ArcMap, you import with the Convert Coverage Annotation command.

If the annotation feature class you import contains attributes and you import into an empty geodatabase annotation class, these attributes will import as well.

Importing from these formats into a feature-linked annotation feature class does not link annotation to features but does create the relationship class.

Learn how to link the imported annotation

Adding the convert coverage annotation tool to ArcMap

  1. In ArcMap, click Customize > Customize Mode
  2. Click the Commands tab.
  3. Click the Label category.
  4. Drag the Convert Coverage Annotation command from the Commands list onto any toolbar or menu.
  5. Click Close on the Customize dialog box.

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