Authorizing ArcGIS single use products and features

Complexity: Beginner Data Requirement: ArcGIS Tutorial Data Setup

To complete this process, you will need the e-mail from ESRI Customer Service that contains the product authorization information.

  1. Using the ArcGIS Administrator, click on the desired product folder (Desktop or Engine).
  2. Select a single use product.
  3. Click Authorize Now to launch the Software Authorization Wizard.
  4. Select the default option I have installed my software and need to authorize it, then click Next.
  5. Select Authorize with ESRI now using the Internet and click Next. If you do not have an Internet connection, select the option Authorize at ESRI's website or by e-mail to receive your authorization file.
  6. Enter your personal information and click Next.
  7. Enter your core product authorization number (e.g., ESUxxxxxxxxx) and click Next. This information is provided to you by ESRI Customer Service by e-mail.
  8. On the next dialog box, if you have extensions to authorize for use, select I have an authorization number for one or more extensions. Enter the authorization numbers for them. If you want to authorize other extensions not listed on the main extension panel (e.g., Workflow Manager), click Other Extensions, and enter the name of the extension and the authorization number provided in the e-mail sent by ESRI Customer Service, then click OK.
  9. Click Next. You will be given the option to evaluate features you haven't entered authorization numbers for.
  10. Click Next.
  11. This will send the information entered in the Software Authorization Wizard to ESRI Customer Service. This information will be validated, and licenses will be generated and returned to your machine.

If you have selected the website/e-mail authorization option, save the text file generated and upload it to ESRI's Web site or e-mail it to