What's new in 2.5 Viewer

This page describes an older version, please read about the latest version at:

For previous releases, see What was new in 2.4, What was new in 2.3 and 2.3.1, What was new in 2.2 and What was new in 2.1. If you're a Flex developer, also check out the What's New in the API.


If you are upgrading from an earlier version, please read "Upgrading your configuration files". If you are editing the source code and compiling the viewer on your own, also read "Upgrading your Flex Viewer code".

ArcGIS Viewer for Flex 2.5 - release notes

2.5.1 application builder

The 2.5.1 application builder is based on ArcGIS Viewer for Flex 2.5 and only includes changes to the application builder while still being based on the 2.5 API and 2.5 Viewer.

  • Localization support in 9 languages: Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish (but not Arabic). Based on your locale, the application builder (and all apps created with it) will be using one of these 9 languages (or default to English).
  • Smart URL form specification for specifying ArcGIS Server REST endpoints (when adding services). Remembers the last 50 URLs you’ve entered.
  • Error message notification for Server instances that do not have crossdomain.xml files
  • Support for Bing and OpenStreetMap as basemap options
  • Supports using a proxy server. Set up the proxy server URL in the advanced settings, then opt in for specific layers or widget inputs that need the proxy.
  • Application names and bookmark labels can contain spaces and many other characters (including non-ASCII characters)
  • Numerous usability enhancements and bug fixes

New and improved in 2.5

  • Application builder
  • New chart widget
  • Clustering with flare symbols
  • Source code available on GitHub.
  • License agreement changed to Apache License, Version 2.0.
  • For Flex developers: new Framework Reference added, so instead of reading the source code directly, you can more easily find classes and properties. Go to Concepts ->Developer guide->Widget framework, click the Framework Reference link.
  • New mini-menu on each layer for "Zoom to", set transparency, re-order layers, ...

Bug fixes in 2.5


General changes

Localization changes

  • Small adjustments have been made to the resource files. If you created your own ViewerStrings.properties file into another language, you should compare the 2.4 English version with the updated 2.5 English version.
  • Improved support for right-to-left (RTL) applications. You no longer need to compile the app, instead use <layoutdirection>rtl</layoutdirection> in the main configuration file to get a right-to-left application. See Further Localization for more information. The scale bar has also been improved for RTL.

Geoprocessing widget changes

  • Existing graphics layers can be used as inputs for the geoprocessing task.

GeoRSS widget changes

  • Fault fields are localized.

LayerList and MapSwitcher widget changes

  • New mini-menu on each layer for "Zoom to", set transparency, re-order layers, ...
  • New parameter to expand (or not) layer items in the TOC.

Search widget changes

  • Alias property added for link URLs.