This page describes an older version, please see latest API at

 com.esri.agsThis package contains the main Map and some common classes: Map, Graphic, FeatureSet, SpatialReference, TimeExtent and Units. 
 com.esri.ags.clusterersMain classes for clustering. [Added in version 2.0] 
 com.esri.ags.clusterers.supportClassesCluster symbols and other supporting classes for clusterers. [Added in version 2.0] 
 com.esri.ags.componentsThis package contains the AttributeInspector, Editor, InfoWindow, TimeSlider and other components. 
 com.esri.ags.components.supportClassesSupporting classes for the different components. [Added in version 2.0] 
 com.esri.ags.eventsEvent classes for map navigation, loading layers, geoprocessing tasks and toolbars. 
 com.esri.ags.geometryMapPoint, Multipoint, Polyline, and Polygon are the main geometry classes. 
 com.esri.ags.layersSupported map layers include ArcGIS (dynamic, tiled or image), ArcIMS, Graphics and Feature layers. 
 com.esri.ags.layers.supportClassesSupporting classes related to ArcGIS Server layers. [Added in version 2.0] 
 com.esri.ags.renderersRenderers help symbolize graphics according to their attributes. Useful for thematic mapping. [Added in version 1.2] 
 com.esri.ags.renderers.supportClassesSupporting classes for renderers. [Added in version 2.0] 
 com.esri.ags.skinsSkins package contains the classes used to skin the skinnable components. [Added in version 2.0] 
 com.esri.ags.symbolsSymbols are used to represent "geometries" on the map. Marker symbols are available for point and multipoint geometries. Line symbols are available for polyline geometries. Fill symbols are available for polygon geometries. 
 com.esri.ags.tasksMain classes for ArcGIS Server tasks: closest facility, find, geometry, geoprocessor, identify, locator, query, route and service area services. 
 com.esri.ags.tasks.supportClassesSupporting classes for all ArcGIS Server tasks. [Added in version 2.0] 
 com.esri.ags.toolsThis package contains non-UI tool classes. Use them to create your own toolbar implementations. 
 com.esri.ags.utilsVarious utility classes for the ArcGIS API for Flex, such as getting the extent of several graphics, or converting data between geographic and web mercator projections. [Added in version 1.2] 
 com.esri.ags.virtualearthClasses related to Bing Maps and Bing Maps geocoding (formerly Microsoft Virtual Earth). [Added in version 1.2] 
 com.esri.ags.webmapClasses to work with "Web maps" from [Added in version 2.2] 
 com.esri.ags.webmap.supportClassesSupporting classes for working with "Web maps" from [Added in version 2.3]