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Customer Demographic Profile Endpoint

Summarizes the demographic makeup of the geographies where your customers live. Based on the information in this report, you can get a sense of the demographic makeup of your customer base.


Availability: Business Analyst Server.


URL Example


Specific Parameters



Customers (required)

The customer layer used to get the demography profile. Type PointLayer.

GeographyLayerID (required)

ID of a standard geography layer to get the demography. Type string.

Other Parameters



OutputType (required)

Array of task output options. Options for this method include creating a report (GetReport). Type array of TaskOutputType.

StandardReportOptions (required)

Report parameters. Type ReportOptions. The TemplateName parameter is ignored. Available with Business Analyst Server 9.3.1.

ActiveDatasetID (optional)

ID of the active dataset. Type string.

Default: ID of the first available dataset.

f (optional)

Response format. Type string. Available formats: HTML, JSON, PJSON, XML.

Default: HTML.

IsFullErrorMessage (optional)

Mode for composing error messages. Type boolean.

Default: false.

OutputReportItem (optional)

Configuration options for storing the output report in the repository. This will enable viewing and working with the output result in subsequent tasks. Type esriFolderItem.


Authentication token. This parameter is required if your Business Analyst Server is secured. Type string.


Variable of type TaskResultOutput


Business Analyst uses the geographic information from your customer address information to append demographic characteristics and a tapestry segmentation code to each customer record. The Customer Demographic Profile summarizes the demographic makeup of geographies where your customers live.

Calculations used in creating the Customer Demographic Profile

The calculation used in creating values for the Customer Demographic Profile is as follows:



Here DC equals a demographic characteristic on the report, such as population age 15–19; DC(bg) equals the same demographic characteristic in a block group; and W(bg) equals the weight of the block group.


The calculation for W(bg) is illustrated below:



The weight of the block group is the ratio of the number of customers in Block Group C(bg) to the total number of households in Block Group TOTHHs(bg).


The Customer Demographic Profile gives you a feel for the demographic makeup of the profiled file. Business Analyst assigns a weight to each block group that contains a customer record, aggregates the values, and calculates the results shown in the Customer Demographic Profile Report.

Example of calculations

A customer file has 10 records; five live in Block Group 1, and five live in Block Group 2:


C(1) = 5,   C(2) = 5.


Block Group 1 has a total of 10 households and Block Group 2 has a total of 25 households:


TOTHHs(1) = 10,   TOTHHs(2) = 25.


For the above equation, W(1) = 0.5 (5/10 = 0.5) and W(2) = 0.2 (5/25 = 0.2).


Below is a household income distribution for each of these block groups.



Apply the ratio calculated previously to each count in each interval for each block group and aggregate them for each variable.



Values are rounded to one decimal point.

Usage Tips

• The customer layer must be a point feature layer.

• Use the block group layer as the geography level. This is the lowest level of geography containing demographic data and will provide the most accurate results.

• Because a point-in-polygon procedure is used with each customer record, this report may take awhile to execute if you have many customer records.

Example Usage

The example below generates a Customer Demographic Profile report from a list of four customer locations.



  {"name":"jane_smith","latitude":32.74198,"longitude":-117.24996,"storeId":"5","description":"Jane Smith"},
  {"name":"miguel_sanchez","latitude":32.781143,"longitude":-117.235664,"storeId":"5","description":"Miguel Sanchez"},
  {"name":"pam_lee","latitude":32.811494,"longitude":-117.231709,"storeId":"5","description":"Pam Lee"},
  {"name":"byron_jackson","latitude":32.854672,"longitude":-117.204533,"storeId":"5","description":"Byron Jackson"}
  "ReportHeader":[{"key":"subtitle","value":"Custom Report Title"}]



      "paramName":"Demographic Profile.PDF",


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