December 2011 - Version 2.2
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A good starting place to learn about the Business Analyst API for Flex is by reading the Concepts, checking out the Samples or referring to the detailed API Reference.

Business Analyst API for Flex is based on Flex 4.1 and the ArcGIS API for Flex 2.4, and works well with Business Analyst Server 10.0 SP3. See also our System Requirements for the Business Analyst API for Flex.

Note: Since version 2.2, the Business Analyst Online and Business Analyst Server API libraries have been merged into one single library (one swc file). Some benefits of this are to allow for easy migration from the Business Analyst Online API to Business Analyst Server and to allow Business Analyst Server applications to leverage the hosted Business Analyst Online API to get access to new data and reports as they become available. The merging of these libraries shouldn’t affect current Business Analyst Server developers since they can continue to use the combined library the same way as they used the separate Business Analyst Server library before.

The documentation here focuses on how you can work with Business Analyst Server using the combined Business Analyst API for Flex.

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