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Glossary Item Box

BackgroundMode constants

Constant Value Description
apFillOpaque 2 Opaque background mode.
apFillTransparent 1 Transparent background mode.


Color constants

Constant Value Description
apYellow 65535 Yellow.
apRed 255 Red.
apGreen 65280 Green.
apBlue 16711680 Blue.
apMagenta 16711935 Magenta.
apCyan 16776960 Cyan.
apWhite 16777215 White.
apLightGray 12632256 Light Gray.
apDarkGray 4210752 Dark Gray.
apGray 8421504 Gray.
apBlack 0 Black.
apLightYellow 14745599 Light Yellow.
apNavy 8388608 Navy.
apLimeGreen 3329330 Lime Green.
apTeal 8421376 Teal.
apDarkGreen 25600 Dark Green.
apMaroon 128 Maroon.
apPurple 8388736 Purple.
apOrange 42495 Orange.
apKhaki 9234160 Khaki.
apOlive 32896 Olive.
apBrown 2763429 Brown.
apPaleYellow 16777168 Pale Yellow.



FieldType constants

Constant Value Description
apFieldCharacter 129 Text field type.
apFieldBoolean 11 Boolean (True/False) field type.
apFieldDate 7 Date field type.
apFieldNumeric 5 Numeric field type.


FillStyle constants

Constant Value Description
apFillImage 5 Image fill style.
apFillHatch 2 Hatch fill style.
apFillEmpty 1 Empty fill style.
apFillSolid 0 Solid fill style.


Format constants

Constant Value Description
apFileSystemDefault -2 System default format.
apFileUnicode -1 Unicode format.
apFileASCII 0 ASCII format.


HatchStyle constants

Constant Value Description
apHatchDiagonalCross 5 Diagonal cross hatch style.
apHatchCross 4 Cross hatch style.
apHatchDownwardDiagonal 3 Downward diagonal hatch style.
apHatchUpwardDiagonal 2 Upward diagonal hatch style.
apHatchVertical 1 Vertical hatch style.
apHatchHorizontal 0 Horizontal hatch style.


LineStyle constants

Constant Value Description
apLineNull 5 Null line style.
apLineDashDotDot 4 Dash dot dot line style.
apLineDashDot 3 Dash dot line style.
apLineDot 2 Dot line style.
apLineDash 1 Dash line style.
apLineSolid 0 Solid line style.


MarkerStyle constants

Constant Value Description
apMarkerImageMarker 257 Image marker style.
apMarkerTrueType 256 True type marker style.
apMarkerX 6 X marker style.
apMarkerDiamond 5 Diamond marker style.
apMarkerStar 4 Star marker style.
apMarkerCross 3 Cross marker style.
apMarkerTriangle 2 Triangle marker style.
apMarkerSquare 1 Square marker style.
apMarkerCircle 0 Circle marker style.


MessageBox constants

Constant Value Description
apYesNo 4 Display Yes and No buttons.
apCancel 2 Cancel button was pressed.
apAbort 3 Abort button was pressed.
apRetry 4 Retry button was pressed.
apIgnore 5 Ignore button was pressed.
apYes 6 Yes button was pressed.
apNo 7 No button was pressed.
apOKOnly 0 Display OK button only.
apOKCancel 1 Display OK and Cancel buttons.
apOk 1 OK button was pressed.
apYesNoCancel 3 Display Yes, No, and Cancel buttons.
apDefaultButton4 768 Fourth button is the default.
apRetryCancel 5 Display Retry and Cancel buttons.
apCritical 16 Display Critical Message icon.
apQuestion 32 Display Warning Query icon.
apExclamation 48 Display Warning Message icon.
apInformation 64 Display Information Message icon.
apDefaultButton1 0 First button is the default.
apDefaultButton2 256 Second button is the default.
apDefaultButton3 512 Third button is the default.
apAbortRetryIgnore 2 Display Abort, Retry, and Ignore buttons.


Mode constants

Constant Value Description
apFileAppend 8 Append mode.
apFileWrite 2 Read/Write mode.
apFileRead 1 Read Only mode.


ShapeType constants

Constant Value Description
apShapeMultiPointM 28 MultiPointM shape type.
apShapePolygonM 25 PolygonM shape type.
apShapePolylineM 23 PolylineM shape type.
apShapePointM 21 PointM shape type.
apShapeMultiPointZ 18 MultiPointZ shape type.
apShapePolygonZ 15 PolygonZ shape type.
apShapePolylineZ 13 PolylineZ shape type.
apShapePointZ 11 PointZ shape type.
apShapeMultiPoint 8 MultiPoint shape type.
apShapePolygon 5 Polygon shape type.
apShapePolyline 3 Polyline shape type.
apShapePoint 1 Point shape type.
apShapeNull 0 Null shape type.


SnappingMode constants

Constant Value Description
apSnapEnd 4 End snapping.
apSnapEdge 2 Edge snapping.
apSnapVertex 1 Vertex snapping.
apSnapNone 0 No snapping.


String constants

Constant Value Description
apFormFeed Chr(12) Form feed; not useful in Microsoft Windows.
apVerticalTab Chr(11) Vertical tab; not useful in Microsoft Windows.
apTab Chr(9) Horizontal tab.
apNewLine Chr(13) & Chr(10) or Chr(10) Platform-specific newline character; whatever is appropriate for the platform.
apCrLf Chr(13) & Chr(10) Carriage return?linefeed combination.
apLf Chr(10) Line feed.
apCr Chr(13) Carriage return.
apNullString String having value 0 Not the same as a zero-length string ("").
apNullChar Chr(0) Character having the value 0.


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