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This sample gets a reference to the selected feature's recordset and displays the value of the first attribute in a message box.

How to use:

  1. Select a feature in the map.
  2. Paste the JScript or VBScript code into the Script dialog box (depending on which language is set as the default scripting language).
  3. Click/Tap the Execute icon.



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function GetSelected()
  var pRS;
  if (Map.SelectionLayer == null)
  pRS = Map.SelectionLayer.Records;
  pRS.Bookmark = Map.SelectionBookmark;
  Application.MessageBox (pRS.Fields(1).Value.toString());
  pRS = null;


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Sub GetSelected()
  Dim pRS
  If (Map.SelectionLayer Is Nothing) Then Exit Sub
  Set pRS = Map.SelectionLayer.Records
  pRS.Bookmark = Map.SelectionBookmark
  Application.MessageBox CStr(pRS.Fields(1).Value)
  Set pRS = Nothing
End Sub
Call GetSelected()
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