AXF status columns

The AXF_STATUS or STATUS column inside feature layers, tables, or AXF_DELETED_ROWS is a 32-bit integer column that helps ArcPad, ArcPad Data Manager, and the ArcPad Extension for ArcGIS for Server to determine which new records, modified records, or deleted records in the AXF require synchronization back to the geodatabase.

The use of each bit of a 32-bit number is defined in the following table.


Currently, ArcPad only utilizes 7 of the 32 bits, with the others reserved for future use.

AXF status definitions

When viewing data in ArcPad Studio, the AXF_STATUS is decoded using the following scheme:

AXF status decoding scheme

A single AXF_STATUS value can have none, one, or many of these bits combined together to make a 32-bit integer. The 32-bit integers are added together when several actions are performed on an individual record, ensuring that all combinations of actions can be uniquely identified. The single letter characters between the brackets represent the same action combinations visually.

Some example combinations are shown in the following table:

AXF status values combined

The following color scheme is used to display records in ArcPad Studio for easier readability:

AXF status color scheme