ArcPad AXF files

An ArcPad AXF file can be thought of as a shapefile in a relational database. It's a Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition relational database, stored as a single file, that is made up of the following component types:

The AXF file can also store the following:

When customizing forms, scripts, and so on, you interact with ArcPad AXF files via the various ArcPad Studio dialog boxes (for example, Form Editor, Script Editor, or Tree View). You can also interact with the ArcPad AXF file's tables directly using Structured Query Language (SQL) queries in the SQL command execution dialog box. All data in ArcPad AXF files is stored using Unicode character encoding, eliminating the need to specify a codepage for AXF files.

Create ArcPad AXF files

ArcPad AXF files can be created using one of the following tools included with the ArcPad Data Manager extension for ArcGIS:

These tools allow you to create ArcPad AXF files from selected geodatabase feature layers. The tools automatically read the geodatabase schema, including any relationship classes, and use the schema to construct the resultant ArcPad AXF file. ArcPad AXF files can only be created when layers are checked out from a geodatabase, and they are always created when layers are checked out from a geodatabase using the ArcPad Data Manager. ArcPad AXF files can also be created programmatically using ArcObjects code or geoprocessing scripts.

Load ArcPad AXF files

ArcPad automatically loads layer customizations in ArcPad AXF files when the associated ArcPad AXF layers are loaded.