Export Graphics Layer for ArcPad

ArcMap graphics, whether stored in the default graphics layer or a user-defined annotation group, can be exported to an ArcPad graphics layer. Most ArcMap symbology is supported. For more detail regarding symbology that is not supported, or supported partially, see ArcMap symbology supported in ArcPad.

The Export Graphics Layer for ArcPad tool will export the currently active Annotation Group. To export each Annotation Group, make each group active (in turn) and complete the following steps. To export all Annotation Groups (including the default) at once, use the Get Data for ArcPad wizard.

  1. Ensure you have graphics stored in your MXD first, and click ArcPad Data Manager to display the drop-down menu.
  2. Click Export Graphics Layer for ArcPad.
  3. Use the Save in drop-down list to select the folder in which to save the ArcPad graphics file.
  4. Type the name of the new ArcPad graphics file.
  5. Click Save.