Steps to create a new applet toolbar

Applets that are stored in your ArcPad applets folder (the default location is C:\Users\Public\Documents\ArcPad\Applets) are launched when you open ArcPad, appending the standard toolbars. You can also create an ArcPad App which allows you to choose to not show the standard toolbars at all, and only show your applet toolbars. You can create new or modify existing applet toolbars from within ArcPad. These steps will show you how to create a new applet toolbar.

  1. Choose Customize Toolbars from the Quick Access menu.

    This option is only available in Design Mode.

  2. In the Toolbar Group drop-down menu, choose New.
    New Toolbar Group
  3. Browse to the location where you wish to save the applet, name the file, and click Save.

    If you save the applet in the default applets folder, your applet toolbar will load each time you start ArcPad. Alternatively, you can save the applet elsewhere and reference its location in the ArcPadPrefs.apx, or create an ArcPad App that will reference the location of the applet.

  4. A new toolbar tree will display on the right-hand side of the Toolbar Editor, with a new toolbar with the name of the new applet you created. To change the name of the toolbar, double-click on the text and change the name.
    Change the name of the toolbar
  5. Ensure the destination toolbar in the toolbar tree (on the right), is highlighted.
  6. Select the desired tool from the complete list of tools on the left-hand side.
  7. Tap the right facing arrow to add the selected tool to the highlighted toolbar.

    You can also add a tool to an existing toolbar by dragging the tool from the complete list on the left-hand side of the dialog box, to the tree on the right.

  8. Use the left facing arrow to similarly remove tools from the toolbar tree.
  9. To add a new toolbar, select the toolbar icon in the list on the left and tap the right facing arrow to add to the toolbar tree on the right-hand side.

    You can also drag the toolbar icon from the list on the left and drop on the tree on the right.