Create an ArcPad App shortcut

An App shortcut must be created on the platform on which it will be used. A Windows App shortcut cannot be used on a Windows Mobile device, and likewise, a Windows Mobile App shortcut cannot be used on a Windows device.

To create an App shortcut

  1. Start ArcPad.
  2. Open your ArcPad map (.apm).
  3. On the Quick Access menu choose Create App Shortcut.
  4. On the dialog box, nominate the shortcut name, the icon, and any additional options.

The options allow you to alter the way ArcPad is launched when using the App. For example, you can choose to omit the ArcPad configuration file ArcPad.apx from the launch process. This will mean that only toolbars defined in your applet will load.

The minimum choices to make are the name of the App and the App icon. A selection of icons is supplied with ArcPad, and you can optionally browse to and select from any .icl, .dll, or .exe file that contains icons. Tap OK to create your App.

Create App Shortcut Description tab

On the Options tab, you can choose the following:

Create App Shortcut Options tab

On the Configuration tab, you can choose to do the following:

Create App Shortcut Configuration tab