Deploy an ArcPad App to other device(s)

An App shortcut refers to the file location of the ArcPad

If the file path for each of these is the same as on your other device(s), you can simply copy the files to each device, along with the shortcut file.

On Windows Mobile, shortcuts are located in My Device\Windows\Start Menu.

If the file path for each of these differs on all devices, you will need to do the following:

  1. Ensure ArcPad is installed on the new device.
  2. Copy the map and applet to the new device.
  3. Start ArcPad.
  4. Open your ArcPad map (.apm).
  5. On the Quick Access menu, choose Create App Shortcut.
  6. On the dialog box, nominate the shortcut name, icon, and any other options required.