Design an ArcPad App

The components required for an ArcPad App can be created using either ArcPad for Windows or ArcPad Studio.

Once the components are created, an App shortcut can be made for use on the Windows computer, or the components can be copied to a Windows Mobile device and an App shortcut can be made for continued use on the Windows Mobile device.

The one essential component of an App is an ArcPad map (.apm). You can create an ArcPad map by

Normally the map will contain vector and may contain raster data. If your project requires that you always start with no data (perhaps you have custom tools that build the data layers as you work), simply save an ArcPad map file with no layers in it.

Additionally, you can choose to use an ArcPad applet (.apa) in your App. You can create an applet in

To create an applet in ArcPad for Windows, you must switch to Design Mode. In Design Mode you can do the following

For more information, refer to the Customizing toolbars in ArcPad topic.