Overview of adding a StreetMap layer

A StreetMap layer can be added to the ArcPad map in the same way that any other layer is added: by using the Add Layer button, or by opening an ArcPad map that contains the StreetMap layer.

A StreetMap layer appears as a single layer in the Table of Contents, although it consists of a number of sub-layers.


Layer visibility in Preferences dialog box : You can change the layers that appear on your map by opening the StreetMap Preferences Options dialog box, tapping the Layers tab, and unchecking the check boxes for layers that you don’t want to be visible.


One StreetMap layer per map: Only one StreetMap layer is allowed on a map in ArcPad at a time. If your map already contains a StreetMap layer and you try to add another, you will get a message telling you this. Remove the StreetMap layer before adding a new one.