StreetMap Desktop Data Extractor

ArcPad StreetMap Desktop Data Extractor allows ArcPad StreetMap users to extract data from the Streetmap Premium dataset included with the ArcPad release. To extract data:

  1. Insert the ArcPad StreetMap Premium dataset DVD to your desktop machine and copy the data to your local machine before attempting an extraction.
  2. Double-click dda.exe in the DDA folder to start ArcPad StreetMap Desktop Data Extractor.
  3. Click the Open button and browse to the StreetMap Premium folder on your local machine. Select the _navi_na.navmap file and click Open.
  4. Determine which layers you wish to extract by clicking the On or Off check boxes in the table of contents. Each layer that is checked on will be extracted as long as there are features for the layer within the selected extent.
  5. Determine the extraction area using one of the following three methods:
    • Map Extent—Use the Pan and Zoom tools to set the map extent, defining the area to be extracted. During extraction, all features within the viewable extent will be clipped to that extent.
    • Selected Features—Select features from one of the area (polygon) layers by first choosing the layer from the Select by features from pull-down list. Note that only layers with area features will be listed. Then use the Select Features tool to select features from the chosen layer by either dragging a box or clicking on the feature. Hold down the SHIFT key while clicking if you want to click on more than one feature. After your selection, the selected features will be highlighted, even if they were previously not being displayed. During extraction, all features falling within the boundaries of the selected features will be clipped to those boundaries.
    • Draw Graphic—Use the Draw Rectangle or Draw Polygon tool to draw a graphic defining the area to be extracted. When drawing a rectangle, click and drag a box, and then let go. When drawing a polygon, click to define the vertices of the polygon, and then double-click on the last vertex. During extraction, all features falling within the boundary of the rectangle or polygon will be clipped to the boundary. Please note that you can only define one graphic for this extraction method.
  6. Click the Extract Data button.
  7. In the Select output directory section, either type the path to the desired output folder, or click the browse button and navigate to the location. If the folder does not exist, you will be prompted to create it. All output files from the extraction process will be stored in this folder.
  8. Click Extract to begin extracting all layers checked on in the table of contents that fall within the defined extraction extent.